Orukk is a Journey to the Lillies World...

Limi’s visit to Rama

Masalcı speaks: Hislimidye (Limi- nickname) is from Etheria. Like Spacians, Etherians also have very close, (in a different form from Spacians though) and more complex relationships with Human beings. First of all, they are very stimulating in People, and it is not easy to differentiate who drives who. Their life span may be relatively short in comparison to Spacians – let’s say minutes or hours-,, but sometimes their influence may continue weeks and months if not years.

Provided that, they are not linear or consistent, and they like the way of coming-going and ups and downs. Depend upon the individuals’ nature and intensity of the circumstances, they can be more than one at a time, and some of them may trigger or invite others accordingly. They also have intricate relationships with Spacians, and they have their intelligence as well (Emotional Intelligence). They have a powerful memory which may unexpectedly and unreasonably surprise You, mostly when and if triggered. They have a habitual approach as go-to their memory when they are not faced or experienced enough. They repeatedly and randomly come up at every opportunity until they take You to the point where You should be.

They are very dependent on individuals for their living. You can identify or define them separately to discuss, but You can not take them away from people while sensing. Hence their area of influence is massive for individuals but limited in the distance.

Limi kindly got the word here: If I may say so, we are the painters. We paint human beings’ lives and even societies. Generally speaking; in painting, there are colours, light and dark, tones, contrasts, harmony etc. To some extent, these are also valid for us.

You may have heard about colour wheels. Similarly, there is a wheel for us called “Plutchik Wheel” (Respect to Plutchik). There are also many other studies where You can see the links, connections, interactions within and between us and psychology/psychiatry. Some of us serve to generate positive energy or may come up as a consequence of positivity.

Pleasure or Pain?

There are some others; we may call them “energy suckers” and they may come up as a side-effect or direct result of the lack of energy or negativity. Somehow, our grey colours and different tones are more than crystal clear ones if there is any.

Masalcı said: Etherians may also be destructive or constructive (mostly mixed) depends upon the conditions and individual’s preferences to handle them.  As an example, My favourite one namely is “joy”. I like it.

I think I will not be able to speak in favour of negative ones: for instance, shame or guilt. Even to pronounce their name takes my energy. In the sense of which one of the Etherians (constructive or destructive) You are growing and feeding (together with Your awareness on this matter) will be an important choice for yourself if not vital.

Observer comes to the stage at this moment by saying: To define some of the Etherians ( let us continue with guilt and shame) are mostly Culturally relative from one society to another. They may sometimes change throughout the time tunnel within the same one. Perhaps we need to get a closer look at the codes of ethics in general. I will not open this discussion, but I would like to bring the “Kitchen Allegory” if I may, to explain the Etherians.

Nutrition is an essential part/process of people’s life. They mostly prepare their meals in the kitchen. Larger or smaller, and regardless of their infrastructure; the functions of the kitchens are more or less similar. But You may see many different types of meals, dishes and tastes (You can easily recognise the differences in between) even within the same ingredients and recipes.

Let us suppose that we have a kitchen for our Etherians. First of all, what is the overall Etherian Climate (Psychological Ecosystem) in your kitchen? (In your family, school, city, the country, even the world, social interactions, social media, mass media etc..)

Are those limiting or encouraging/ supporting? And How You perceive this climate? In a way, pessimist or optimist? What the conditions You are in and how You approach them? Do You give some effort for better or prefer being passive/ignorant against happenings? Do You feel responsible (response-able) for Yourself and Your kitchen? You can increase the number of questions, queries.

Maybe, We need responses more than questions. Without changing the climate in a way, affirmative, whatever You prepared in this kitchen will be tasteless. Without changing the ingredients, You can not change the recipe, hence the menu. Even if You change these, without feeding them with care, love and respect, You will not get the better of them.

How will You do (accomplish) these? You are the people who will find a way for better. Etherians may be very colourful, but they are also implacable. They do what they should do until You handle them properly.

Before closing this subject; While eating; instead of having the taste of the foods; if you start to analyse ingredients and the recipe etc. You will soon realise that the charm has gone. Analysing, instead of the living, may have a similar effect with Etherians while dealing with them.

Additionally, the understanding of “knowing about the water” and “diving into it” may provide a different perspective. This difference is the reason; why Nasrettin Hoca when had felled from the roof; asked the people around to find a person who fell before for emergency action.

Facing and experiencing the Etherians as they are (negative or positive) and Your awareness about them, will feed your background and personality and contribute to your vitality.

The last point I would like to discuss is static, dynamic and stable when the Etherians are concerned. While Etherians are static/fixed, input/inputs come from inside or outside, which starts an emotional process, and this will continue until the balance (homeostasis?) achieved. (This will not always happen and may turn out to some illness) Then, stability happens, which may come up as neutral per se.

I did not get into cultural relativity and codes of ethics on purpose, and if we had dived into these, I am afraid that Limi may have to postpone her visit to Rama (Azramaskecan’s nickname)

While they were chatting, Rama was drinking tea at the Camco’s place (glass factory) to share her new poet with Camco. (Pari has not arrived yet to Camco’s place)

Rama is an elegant and attractive lady. She produces masks at her shop. Once the people wear these masks, perhaps they take them out only while sleeping. The only issue is that She can not make one for herself. Always there are different sizes for different genders and ages, made of mixed materials (feathers of exotic birds, variety of woods, textiles, leathers, tulles, silks of all kinds…) which will suit their emotional and individual needs. She was very good at reading the needs of their customers, and quality with customer satisfaction has the priority of her works.

Limi said: It is time for me to leave. Before farewell, I would like to kindly remind that, You, human beings, are focusing your brains to deal with us. I will suggest: from time to time to focus on your heart and feel the loving world in it. While Limi was heading to Rama’s place; Rama had been reading her new poet to Camco.

Rama was reading her poet to Camco; while one of the bougainvillaeas (paper flower) had been listening to her (She was not aware of). She was reading her little poem; Bougainvillaeas covered her face with its flowers. Her lovely voice was disseminating into the Etheria like a breeze in mild autumn weather.

A light in the distance, Purple at twinkles of a tree,

A colour in close, A broken white of a Lillie.

Ecstacies from yesterday,

Dreams hope for tomorrow.

A light in close, Sparkles at the sea,

Colour in the distance, rising Scent of Love.

A candle to the darkness,

A touchy colour to the lives,

If you let them go,

they shall, wherever they wish to.

Spread the love and peace