Orukk is a Journey to the Lillies World...

Cat’s Dream

Almost right after the Spider, another Berde (Dream carrier for animals) figured out that, a cat had started to see a dream. Her name was Peri (Fairy-girl). When Rama had taken her home for care, it did not take long to figure out that She was deaf. Peri gets up early in the morning and, stays at the front of the window and trying to watch almost everything moves with an immense curiosity. When Peri goes out to the garden, as a young cat, she does not miss any opportunity to play with which sometimes a flower, dried leaves, a snail shell, a piece of wood whatever it may be. While playing, it does not become a surprise, to stop playing abruptly and start a breakneck gallop which ends up climbing a tree. She was very intemerate in her silent world. If Misket (another cat-boy) does not envy her as extra attention is given and try to oppress her at every opportunity when they are far from the eyes, Peri will not see him in her dream.

In her dream, Misket was playing with a sneak. Either Misket had known that the snake was not poisonous or did not have the experience to be cautious. The snake was not joyful with this play as Misket was and after some time, at the first opportunity, the snake slithered to a hole. This hole was the one on Terrestrial road where the boy and three snakes were moving. It was interesting that as Misket walks the spot, the earth enlarges well enough to allow him to proceed. Misket and the snake saw four little snakes ahead and started chasing them in the distance. After some time, Misket saw a road in darkness on the left side where numerous people at different ages, genders, and in extra clothes as if they were working at the construction of a road. The snake hissed to Misket ” Please continue to follow me! The name of the road is the pain, where you mostly see human beings work. I have never been there. I heard some rumours that the road goes deeper down to the earth, and even includes some blood factories.

While they were moving, an old olive tree was watching them via her roots. After a quick discussion with other olive trees at their net, they have decided that the road is not suitable for Misket and they should transfer him to the surface. They also knew that he might not be allowed to pass the snake gate, and maybe obliged to live in the underground for the rest of his life without making any mistake on purpose. Before Snake gate, Misket saw the light coming through the darkness.

He went out of the hole; first, he went blind than three bright lights came up. He rubbed his eyes to orient himself to lights. Lights became six. He climbed up to an olive tree nearest. It did not take long to realise the ladies and their babies, in the snowy area on the left. A boy was standing on the right with baby snakes on his head and shoulders.

While watching them with a curiosity, a silhouette appeared on his right, speaking cat language (Cats speak two languages. One with human beings, the other one with cats.): “I am ‘Trainer’. I am here to help.

The ladies are ‘Love, Freedom and Justice’. The baby in front of Love is ‘Peace’. ‘Prosperity’ stands next to Freedom, and ‘Moral/Ethics’ next to Justice. Like intricate relationships within ladies, the babies have similar connections with each other and their mothers. Mostly Ladies feed the babies, but at the same time, babies nurture them on the way back.” Misket looked at the Trainer with empty looks. The Trainer added: ” It may be helpful to read some. Of course, this will not replace to practice them in life.” Misket did not ask how and where etc. He had already known that somehow he would find a way to do this as long as he wishes.

He grabbed a book and started reading. The Trainer had already known that literacy is not to know the alphabet and get the meaning of the words but comprehension. While he was reading, Misket went into a deep sleep with the happy mood of being in peace and prosperity based on moral.Yakur and Berde were watching Peri; she was also sharing similar feelings with Misket, from which they see the reflections at her face. While they are looking at each other in silence, love makes warm their hearts, Freedom beams within happiness, Justice gives a sense of reliance and comfort. They hugged each other…

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