Orukk is a Journey to the Lillies World...

Yahal and Yakur

Masalcı speaks: Yahal and Yakur deal with dreams. Yahal (Rüyacı) is a dream maker, and Yakur (Rüya Taşıyıcı) is a dream courier. They have a dependent and very tight relationship. Yahal is responsible for the production of all types of dreams.

The easiest one for herhim is Common Dreams.

Shehe does not like the Nightmares and Night terrors, but control is not in herhim hands, and Shehe does what Shehe should do. Even sometimes, Shehe should repeat some of these as Recurring dreams.

The most Shehe likes Daydreams and Lucid dreams. False awakenings (to be awake in a plan) and Vivid dreams are entertaining. Shehe finds beneficial Healing ones for which, from time to time,

Shehe cooperates with the Healer (Şifacı) where needed. Shehe is very serious about herhis job though, listening to the comments about Prophetic dreams is mostly joyful. Overall, Shehe believes that what Shehe does is very beneficial for people.

There were sometimes future dreams of the past. When You look back from now, You may see that some of Your dreams had happened, some of them stayed as they are, perhaps a nice nostalgia far away which will never become a reality.

The flower figure at the centre is a hand-made point lacework which requires lots of care and effort. The girl, who had made this, was brilliant, talented with a potential capacity and a bookworm. Due to the understanding of her parents about girls, She was not allowed to go to higher schools against all insistence of her uncle (Wiseman and teacher) and forced to be married at early ages. She is happy now with her family though; instead of working on innovations at a laboratory, She found herself in a position where She had created this work with a needle in her hand like running her head against a brick wall.

The function of Yakur is complementary to Yahal’s work but not limited to this. Yakur not only carry the dreams but as a member of the communication community, Shehe provides communication between verses. Shehe was akin to Pitipiti (Daily life communicator). Masalcı stopped here and took a deep breath. And continued by saying “Let us see what are they doing?”

Rüyacılar (Dream Makers) were looking at the kids with motherly compassion at their bedsides. They were both sound asleep in their beds. Their eyes were in Rapid Movement under the lids. For the time being, Rüyacılar (Dream Makers) made an exception to the usual process to entertain them. Girl and Boy would be in each other’s dream together at the same time which the kids were not aware of this.

While their feet were in a small stream; The Boy and the Girl were sitting under a willow tree down to a small hill, taking each other by the hand. It looks like, the tree was the only one around, staying there for years lonely, like older adults, without real age known, giving the sense of its existence eternal and infinite. The villagers in Moorlandia call the height because of the tree as “Willow Hill”. The tree looks alone, but not in reality. It has almost always bird guests on her branches who fill up the area with concerts of their music. When the spring comes to Lillies World, Goldcrests, Eurasian Wrens, Willow Warblers, Yellow-browed Warblers, Tree Sparrows, Spanish Sparrows, Common Starlings, Iraq Babblers chirp all together under her soft and refreshing shadow.

Now it is October, and in contrary to the typical October weather, it was hot, due to “Indian Summer”, and the Willows shadow -separate from the stream-was giving the sense of freshwater coolness to the Boy and the Girl. Most of the birds have moved from, but there were still a couple of Sparrows and Starlings. When Masalcı had mentioned about Starlings, the Starling Law (Medical) came to the mind. Shehe wondered about whether there is a connection between the law and the bird. After a quick chat with the Writer (Yazıcı), it became apparent that the name of the law comes from Otto Frank and Ernest Henry Starling (two physiologists- Respect to both)

Masalcı focused again to the dreams of the Kids:

While they were sitting there, everywhere suddenly became dark, and they got closer to each other with a little bit of fear without reasoning, perhaps because of the sudden darkness.

All of a sudden, the Boy had started seeing the same dream which he saw on the Celestial Road forty-one years ago. “Everywhere was covered with snow. Three naked babies were crawling on the snow. Three women (upper half-naked, bare feet) were carefully chasing them. It was not easy to figure out the mood of the ladies, but they were serious, perhaps it was better to define them as responsible. It is not known the reason or purpose of their walk and why they are naked.” Rüyacı whispered: “Are You familiar with the ladies?” They were both about to say “No”; in a blink, they both became at least forty years older. But this time, they did not join hands, and even one could easily say that they were distant.

“They are called Love, Freedom and Justice.”

This time Pari (a Spacian) came to the stage unexpectedly (there was no space for it at the moment though) and said: “We have been at the personal awareness in general, consequently individual consciousness level so far in Orukk Mythology. Now we are having a step to Collective Awareness and hence consciousness.” The Woman and the Man did understand nothing.

The Woman: ” Why are they three together?”

Pari: “Let me try to explain if I can: Three of them are all interlinked. Or should I say symbiotic? Love is not bounded with freedom, but passionate to it. Ditto, Justice regulates and even supports freedom. Freedom and Love nurture Justice. For instance, can You think of Love without freedom? Or Freedom without Justice, or vice versa, etc.?”

The Man asked: “Why they are half-naked?”

Pari: ” I do not know, but I guess this may be a preference to display their freedom.”

Boy: ” Are You saying that freedom for freedom?”

Pari: ” Yes. But for the Constructive Ones only!”

Girl: ” What kind of freedom is that?”

Pari: ” To me, freedom is not doing whatever You wish. Of course, this is not a black and white issue. Perhaps the grey areas are far more than these. But, generally speaking, and at the final analysis, one can figure out that if it is not constructive, it becomes destructive. Then, even if it seems space for all, it becomes destruction, not freedom for which nobody has the right to have it.”

They both said: ” We see. Why are the Ladies so serious?”

Limi (Etherian) involved the chat here: ” This is only an outfit due to the seriousness of the topic. For instance, as their personality; Love is very receptive and compassionate. Freedom is very vivid and joyful. We consider Justice as very precise and consistent by its nature. They are not to look at but to feel”

Pari: ” Let us call them, looking responsible. We may ask their opinions for this, but I think they like actions and functioning as they are instead of commenting. Therefore, they know that the absence of any of them will be great trouble for Humanity as You can easily see in Your History and perhaps even more today. Provided that regrettably, regardless of their occupation, I am not sure people, at least some of them if not majority, are aware of this.”

The Woman and the Man looked at each other and asked: ” How about the babies?”

Pari: ” If we walk step by step, it will be easier to digest. For the moment, I will suggest deferring this. As Pari said this, the babies had gone. When the time comes, You will learn it. Perhaps, You already know that cherries blossom when the time comes.”

They both thanked Pari. Pari suddenly lost as the way it had appeared. Snowy areas, Ladies and Babies had gone. Still, it was dark, and there was a bright star in the distance as if inviting them to look. It was peculiar enough though it was the only one in the sky. The Man asked the Women: “Do You know this shining star?” As the Women would have said “No” they both heard a whisper behind. “It is Sirius! We may call it a mysterious star.” They both turned back to see the owner of the voice but saw nothing. Yakur (Rüya kuryesi/Dream Courier) was there, seeing them both where they could not see it.

Kids were not the only ones who were in a dream. Also, a spider was in a dream at the backyard. (The Dream of the Spider will take place on another page.)

While all of these things were happening, the silhouette and the lights of three men who were watching all could be recognised in the distance. They were Freud, Adler and Jung. (Respect to All)

The first lights of the morning were coming with woodnotes. After being awake, The Girl was still talking to Spacians about sharing the dream with the Boy at the first opportunity. The Boy had already gone to the vineyard.

The birds had started chirping at the Willow hill, and even from a distance, their music can be heard in silence…

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