Orukk is a Journey to the Lillies World...

Spider’s Nightmare

Hikayeci (Story Teller) speaks: When You are proceeding in the terrestrial course, at some point on the right side, You will see a scary place. This place is called “Nightmare Corner”.

Please, do not focus on this area too much if You do not wish to see a nightmare. (Are You Scared? Please not. Real monsters are worse than the dreams) When You stay there, You may face with happenings like You are at funfair horror tunnel within uncertainty.

You may have the feeling that some silhouettes loom up, You may hear the sounds like having an earthquake or continuous rhythms, You may be suspicious like someone You do not know follows you or a pure fear irrational at all and You are in fatal and unknown danger.

At this area, there was a Spider at its web in a dream.

While the Spider was in its sleep, Berde(Mantis) came to the Yakur quite a bit in a hurry. Similar to Yakur (deals with human beings’ dreams), Berde also deals with plans but for animals. Hence, they communicate with each other where needed. Berde said: “Spider usually see its preys trapped in its web in its visions, but this time it looks like the situation is changing and it will start to see humanly dream which is very unusual.”

“Shehe was at the purgatory between sleep and being awake and found herhimself in pure darkness. Shehe already knew that this was not rational but not possible to avoid the feeling of danger was coming closer. Shehe feels that the comings are seven…” The Human and Spider had not known about this, but Spider was in herhis nightmare.

Yakur, Berde and the Butterfly went up to the bedside of the Spider with a little bit of curiosity. After a couple of blurred and foggy scenes, the picture started to become apparent.

Instead of seven but eight cockroaches were walking on her web by destroying it.
While trying to hide and touting, Spider within a deep sadness thought about its efforts needle by a needle to construct it. And asked itself whether that not being able to accomplish the goal or to see the destruction of your accomplishments is more painful? Perhaps, more importantly, who are they and why are they doing this?

While Everybody was looking at each other without having a response, unexpectedly Düşünür appeared.
By scratching herhis head, Shehe said: “As far as I see; They are ‘egoism’, ‘discrimination-polarisation’, ‘exploitation’, ‘alienation’, ‘destruction’, ‘consumerism’, ‘vulgarism’ and ‘violence’; which all will end up with deep pain of disorder together with mismanagement or vice versa. Of course, You can increase the number of them or You can change the topics. We can discuss each of them one by one with their reasons and sources when the time comes.

By having this opportunity, Spider took the floor to complain about human beings: I may understand people’s destructive approach to me, especially if they have “arachnophobia.” I also know that they do not wish to see my webs in their house to be clean, of course, but perhaps sometimes they may have a sense of desolateness. Somehow I have difficulty to understand that why do they try to destroy me and my web whenever they see it even at the back of beyond. Yes, we have dangerous species, and I understand the need for protection naturally, but we are not all dangerous, and we have the right to live in as a part of the ecological system. Berde said: I will transfer this to the ‘Trainer’. O.K? Spider thanked the Berde.

Düşünür thought herhimself. ” These Human beings are quite peculiar. They can see a small spider’s web for cleaning but can not see the nets all-pervading and pervasive them for centuries. Besides, these are much more sticky, invisible, suffocating, painful, minacious and on and on. Interestingly, these webs are very resilient, epidemic and re-occurring. People have invented many types of pesticides against roaches, but, they are helpless, pathetic and even very miserable against those “humanity consumer” giants. Sorry to say that; I do not know how many of them are aware of these needless to speak about to efforts against them? Of course, the ones who are knowledgeable about these and fulfil their responsibilities against them accordingly are not in this category.”
Spider asked again: ” What is the light or fire at the centre of the web? I did not put it there.”

Düşünür replied: “It is the future of the people even we can say the future of the World. In the past, They had already done what they would do so. Today they are giving all the efforts what they wish to have. The only thing left is to capture the future if they have not done so.”
Yakur, Berde, Spider and Butterfly became very sad. Butterfly said: “How will they get rid of these? Are there any remedies or solutions for this?”

Düşünür said: “As Human beings had created these in years, they will find their ways to tackle them. There are many struggles around these for a Better World, but I am not sure of their efficiency or the ‘Way’ some of them may prefer. I am not also confident that they organised themselves peacefully well enough. Perhaps one of the most important parameters to fight with these is consistency. I do not know which one should I mention here? To consider as cunning, to feed other egos for their interest; to be against exploitation using violence over innocent people and being a tool for exploitation; treat vulgarism as sincerity; in theory, as if being on the side of the weak, but in practice victimizing them; using oppression and polarisation to sail their ship etc.

The other point we need to take into account is that ones these webs occur, they may become independent from their creators and may continue to work on themselves in the back by growing and enlarging. As it happens in ratio comparison of efforts given for destruction and construction (destruction is much easier than destruction), to tackle these issues requires thousands of times extra efforts than given to their birth. Ones they are out of control of their controllers/managers (this may come up as articulations in years/decades if not centuries) and anyhow it will happen, they will start working intricately, independently and intertwined and even if their creators are not aware of the magnitude and dynamics of the monsters; somehow and eventually they will hit their creators or at least to be harmful against them. Badness may be seen limitless by them but not infinite and one day they will hook his owner. Later, in some other studies, We may elaborate their labyrinthian nature, complexity and entangled effects between and among them. For sure, the first step may be to raise individual and collective awareness on these matters. Then it may be possible to speak about consciousness individually and collectively. When we speak about awareness and consciousness, need to keep in mind that these are the terms mostly referred to the superstructure. Like form and essence relationship when we refer to these, our approach will try to cover infrastructure and superstructure both and wholeness within integrity. “

Berde asked: “Reasons?”
Düşünür said: “I would instead not to get into these for now. The books will not be enough to explain. We may consider some of them (interest-based) as self-explanatory. And, we can call them ‘interest fights’. I wish this would be so simple. For the moment, I can only suggest looking at ‘Who? Where? Why? Benefited from those and having an interest in them; to be in favour of the monsters or not being actively against them! Simply saying: Whose Mill they carry the water? Perhaps the most important query is How? Let me stop here.”
The more Düşünür thinks, the more Shehe is becoming full. As Shehe would cry out, Shehe realised the redundancy, useless and inefficiency of this and instead cried to inside in silence with a feeling of deep sorrow. Perhaps the One needed solacement at the moment was Spider though, Düşünür was very much want to be hugged by its eight arms.

While Shehe was experiencing this, suddenly and unexpectedly, a window opened at the terrestrial road up to the sky which looks like a promising hope for a better future. The fresh morning air was coming to faces. The Spider had already started looking for a secluded place to build a new web. Another Berde was running to a cat who also started to see peculiar dreams.

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