Orukk is a Journey to the Lillies World...


The Batrachian was staring at the little girl as if he will say something to her. It was sure that He was a toad frog because of skin colours and he must be from Moorlandia. She did not kiss him, or vice versa and they stayed as they were; except, Frog has started speaking her language surprisingly. “Would You please come with me! I will show You something.” She was reluctant, though but her curiosity won, and she nodded for acceptance. They both started walking down to the olive forest. After a long walk, they came under an old tree, and The Frog pointed out a stone staying there.

The Stone also could speak, and Shehe said “I am the speaking Stone. Your people call me also philosophy stone. I have all the secrets of alchemy and other areas. I am much much older than Rosetta and know much more things which You can not imagine.” While they were speaking, they saw a young girl walking under the olive trees which she had never known, and towards to sea which had never heard of as Moorelander. Speaking Stone told them “This is Ruzenin. (Beautiful face like a flower)”

She is around 14 years old. She never had a chance to go out of her village. I am only allowed to reveal my secrets to her, but she is not here.” The Frog and the Little Girl both were surprised but did not ask “Why?”, not to spoil the scene. Ruzenin was walking, giving a transparent image, with naked feet, a white dress over her -the edges of the skirts were dusty-, red ribbons on her belt and left arm as if she had been a bride; and her hair was blowzy even though there was no wind.

At the same time, in a very distant place, with a lot of loudly people around – some of them carry textiles bounded long sticks, like guidons and flags- Ruzenin was going to another village on a white horse with a red bride’s veil on her face. She lived there for five years until the death of her husband came because of tuberculosis. Then, the family elders had decided to make her marriage with her husband’s young brother (he was seven- she was nineteen) to keep her in the family. Babysitting had started with reserved tears. When the boy grew old and coming into reach puberty; he began to understand what had happened, which was irreversible. To alleviate the effects of the drama; his father bought him a beautiful horse, a silver crafted horsewhip, a gramophone -not known at the village before- and gave him a broad field; all of which had deepened his emotional issues.

Nobody neither thought nor cared about Ruzenin. She was very silent as usual, like a stone. Her life continued with another death, and consequently, another refused marriage insisted by older daughter and the loss of the last one. She was silent.

When the Kenkirzepin knew her grandma as a little boy, he felt in-depth, a high acceptance and limitless love from her. Long later, he realised that She never criticise, control the others or speak at all.

She only makes you feel safe and lots of love when you are in her sweet sweat smelling lap. The only point that takes attention for her is the fear of a frog. When her grandchildren discovered that, they devised this as a fun game for them which makes her speak, even swear very rarely. While she was praying- she can only pray by sitting, due to her rheumatism-, they catch a frog, bring it to her silently from her back and release it. This enormous lady immediately stops her praying, then snappily-not expected from her- goes away without being angry at them.

When the time went by, he heard the story of speaking Stone from the Frog; which made him sadly remember the silence of Ruzenin with a big heart and better realised the grief on her eyes looks like it was there eternally when he listened to her story from his mother. A couple of tears came down from his eyes when he becomes alone, without knowing that these are for Ruzenin or her blues. Stone was still speaking to the little girl and the Frog while Ruzenin had yet been silent…


There’s sadness, in the eyes of the black evenings,

As wait mornings, as if they will never come…

The sadness flows to the heart of the mornings,

 For black evenings, they will surely come…

There became mornings, and the nights had gone away

Sadness remained in her eyes, as if it would never go…

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