Orukk is a Journey to the Lillies World...

Tiftik’s Dream

Masalcı speaks: When Kenkirzepin (Ki) met with Tiftik (Ti), on a street walk; she was six months old; would be one of the most meaningful surprises of his life, from which he would figure this out later

From time to time, Ki thinks that: at the first look, if there would not be a flow of purity and sympathy goes directly to the hearts; if two rainbows had not appeared; if Ti had not chased him far beyond her area more than almost three kilometers without bothering; if she had not to stand beside him against two giant barking dogs (Kangal); this lifetime voluntarily and mutually agreed deep friendship might never start.

Ki did not know then; very few effects could change the path when two or more energies go into the same or opposite directions, entangled in brief; which met in the same stream within a decent climate and ifs and buts have no role in it.

Perhaps it was the matter of “Within purity, you will find what you look for “and “You will see it when You sincerely look closer”.

This energy communication was perhaps listening to a person in silence but wholeheartedly and directly looking at the eyes. It may be like a skinship that carries on an overflowing love between, within a purely good intent—thinking about a person who will not be together with You anymore, shape in flesh and bones in your memories. Sometimes it may become a warming hug which will make You feel your existence for a second. And from time to time, without having a specific reason, to laugh or to cry as it comes, even burst into laughter loudly.

Ti was a very sensible, calm, sincere, and delicate dog in her manners against human beings, cats, frogs, chickens whatever You may think. First, she senses the feelings of Ki than act accordingly.

Together with her other fans, Peri (Pe) (female cat) also sees Ti as her elderly sister, showing her sympathy at every opportunity. It was not easy to assure that though; If Pe did not love Ti, Ti would have taken place in Pe’s dream.

From time to time, when Ti sleeps, her body starts shaking as a clear indication of her dreaming. Berde (Dream courier for animals) has revealed the reason for cricks as she flies over the wings of an Umay (Mythological Bird).

While Ti and Umay were having fun together up in the skies, three half-naked ladies and three naked babies on the snowy ground have attracted Ti’s attention. To look closer to them; as Ti requested, Umay landed her to the ground gently.

While Ti had been observing them with curiosity, the Eğitimci (Trainer Persu) appeared on the stage and started herhis explanation to Ti as Shehe did to Misket (Mi) (male cat).

These ladies are Love, Freedom and Justice. The baby of Love is Peace; the baby of Freedom is Prosperity, and the baby of Justice is Moral/Ethics. Now, I will briefly try to reveal their bases and the subsequent/consequent manners related to these accordingly.

Love rises on the floor of an unconditional acceptance [respect to Mevlânâ (Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī), for his contribution to the consciousness of Humanity on this matter]. We may say, “Love” is the most profound base for everything. It is a matter of the feelings than thoughts; hence It comes via heart more than the brain. In other words, Etherians are more familiar with Love than the Spacians because You do not think about it but feel it.

Could you please try it now? Simple! Just focus on your heart with a couple of minutes or as long as You wish, without thinking. Ti followed the proposal, and after a specific time, she spelt out with a low voice: “What a relief!”

Eğitimci continued: “You can reflect and even transmit the feeling of Love via care and compassion. Although not directly linked to this; Let me open a parenthesis for “Mercy” here, which You may consider as an extension or side effect of Love. Sometimes compassion is mixed up with ‘Mercy’. Heart mostly refers to care. Mercy, to some extent, relates to pity. But the main point I would like to bring to your attention is that, to me of course, ‘Mercy is not to commiserate but not to hurt!’ (This wording does not belong to me but I could not find its resource. The last thing I remember that I saw it on the cover of a periodical.)

I am trying to say; it is essential how You feel about someone, but it is perhaps more critical how You behave. For instance, parents no doubt are in Love with their children or vice versa, but I do not think that we can always say they are commensurate when you come to their act. Last but not least, “Loving yourself as a part of the whole, maybe a good start for loving others. Forgiveness comes with Love!”

Tiftik asked: “What is this feather over the stone?” Eğitimci (Trainer), with a faint smile on the face, responded: “Maybe You heard about it. Compassion softens the stone. Or there is a Turkish proverb saying: ‘Good words are worth much and cost little’. Before moving onto Freedom, I should express that You see Love as a cylindrical shape, occupying others’ same space for practical reasons. In real, Love (as an Etherian) covers almost everything and the others as well.

“Now, let us come to Freedom! More complicated area? “In classical understanding: your Freedom ends where the others’ one starts. (Outer control) (From a logical point of view it sounds good though, in reality, this is very vague. When there is a discrepancy in how you will resolve this?) This approach implies Freedom as ‘do what you want’. In some sense, this is a valid statement, though, may we approach the other way around as ‘Freedom is not doing what you want regarding the Freedom of other creatures including Humanity. (Inner control)”

When we speak about Freedom here, we talk about the constructive one. As stated before, giving harm or destruction cannot be considered Freedom, but badness or ruin. No one has this right under the umbrella of Freedom. Having said this, when transformation requires replacement or breakdown, actions and manners become positive and necessary steps in purpose as part of the process for good.

Freedom rises over nature, which becomes a primary reason for being of an indispensable part of life and their existence for every creature. Empathy and hence respect to all are the primary manners in this venue. I do not think that Love and Freedom are separable in any aspect of life.

I am not sure about this analogy though; let us suppose You have a bird in a cage and You love her so much. By focusing only on Love and ignoring limitation her Freedom within a cell is not love, but a desire to have something as you please yourself with a fake one. This approach becomes not the Love itself but Love to Your possession. Having a step further, I wonder whether; May caging the others just because they are different, is probably trying to find a way unconfessed and unfavorable, to get out from your cage?

Now, let us move to a more difficult area, Justice! Justice is not the equality but equation in its dynamics. People are not identical or not cloned, but physically, intellectually, and within other aspects of peculiarities, different from each other, which can create richness. Perhaps the only exception is that the equality before Justice.

It raises over virtue and wisdom. Without Justice, we cannot speak about Freedom or vice versa. Justice for the other creatures works in a way coded. But Human Beings are differed from the others by having consciousness, requiring, within a holistic approach, well established and adopted rules and values for Justice and Moral.

Justice is a must appropriately institutionalised in society, diversifying it from Love and Freedom; the latter somehow partially come via nature. I will not go further here about the balance between individuals’ rights and institutions’ realm of authority. But briefly, I should say: Institutions are for serving the individuals. On the contrary, individuals should not expect the institutions to do the works they should and can do.

Eğitimci said, ” This is more than enough for today!”. Ti understood that Shehe is leaving. Ti asked: “I understood that you need to leave. May I ask you something?”. “Shoot?” “Why they are naked?”

Eğitimci scratched herhis head as Shehe usually does when Shehe gets a tough question. “They are naked because they are fragile. It would be best if you give enough effort to keep them alive. It will help if you care them as You care for a baby bird or a baby plant. If you had such an experience, you already know that they require your hand on them almost always expertly. I should also add that, It may be more difficult to care a baby-bird than a baby.

“I Love your heart Ti. Take care!” Masalcı and Ti thanked, and Eğitimci suddenly lost as Shehe came.

Masalcı took the floor: “Sometimes, you may feel that You carry on something without naming it and it suddenly flashed out.” What exactly happened and Masalcı, Shehe remembered Paritekenas (Pa) visit to Camcosman (Camco) Glass Factory. As Masalcı would farewell to dream makers and dreamers, Shehe saw three light beams in the sky. The lights naturally would come from the sky to the earth, but they were raising from the surface this time.

 When Shehe looked at the women and babies, Shehe realised the season’s change from winter to spring. Earth was awakening. Birds were chirping. Yakur, Yahal, Berde, Ti, Mi, Pe and a butterfly were all happy in a mild breeze from the olive forest.

At that moment, Masalcı had figured out that Shehe moved to another verse and passed to Lillies’ world, a world of Love, Freedom and Justice. Teardrops came to herhis eyes for the pains and suffered in the past. Shehe did not hold them. Shehe was at the purgatory in a daydream and could not decide to continue with it or to be awake.

While Shehe was heading towards Camco’s Glass Factory, Shehe heard the notes coming from the Neyzen. Shehe had started accompanying herhim by murmuring the song “Humakuşu” (Huma Bird) with a low voice at the beginning than raised herhis voice as goes with the music… (Huma Bird)

“Humakuşu cries from the highs,

A pair of drakes in her bosom,

Don’t cry, please! your eyelashes will be wet…”

Spread the love and peace