Orukk is a Journey to the Lillies World...


All belong to Düşünür (Thinker).

“Loving yourself as a part of the whole, maybe a good start for loving others. Forgiveness comes with Love!”

“Look closer! You will see…”

“Science and Wisdom comes first for understanding!”

“Thinking is one of the most profound parts of humanity. Questioning for good on the base of knowledge is the developer.”

“It may be the right time to propose a change on the Descartes’ (with respect) understanding/statement ‘Cogito, ergo sum-je pense, donj je suis’ (I think; therefore I am). The proposal is: ‘When I do not think; there I am’, because ‘Cogito, ergo sum’ refers to Ego, not the essence of being. ‘Awareness of being’ comes before Thinking.”

“In classical understanding: your Freedom ends where the others’ one starts. (Outer control) This approach implies Freedom as ‘do what you want’. In some sense, this is a valid statement, though, may we approach the other way around as ‘Freedom is not doing what you want. (Inner control)”

“You will find what You seek. Be careful what You are looking for…”

“To become famous is not easy. Being known without fame is more difficult but more natural…”

“Critiques to others is a form of self-expression. Who speaks to others, speaks about himself.”

Spread the love and peace