Kenan K.

          Kenan K.

Kenan K.

Art is from and for life...

Sunset at Edremit Bay


Orukk is an imaginative journey to peaceful and prosperous Lillies World, escorted by a lonely and skittish urchin. This travel is like long-distance crawling nakedly in changing weather. This crawling is like seeking a way to tackle long-standing issues in a world; “anxious”, “tense”, even “chaotic” and perhaps getting become worse for majority of the people.

Subject seeking is like trying to find a path to tackle the domination of “alienation”, “destruction”, “disorder”, “discrimination”, “egoism”, “exploitation”, “mismanagement”, “violence”, “vulgarism” and so on. Rarely You may not have or find any reference at all, but mostly it may become beneficial chasing the footprints of previous explorers and guides; to whom we should be grateful since some of them have given their lives for their struggle. It may be unfortunate that from time to time, winds had covered some of the tracks and if still not.
This travel is neither ready recipes for a life coaching (fashionable these days) nor a movement offer. On the contrary, proposals can be considered as humble offers whether individuals find them valuable to accept or not in their worlds.

Infinity within Nihility

In case of need, to find the right track, the following may be an ethical compass: “Honesty is seeking the truth and sticking to it. Sincerity comes along with Honesty…” (belong to author) I would like to sincerely wish that Nature’s lap, the light of your mind and the fire of your heart kept you cosy and warm throughout the entire tracking and a charming Journey with full of goodnesses… Kenan K.

Now please proceed to the entrance choice.

There are two entrances You can use in “Orukkverse”. One is “Celestial”, other one is “Terrestrial”. It will be your choice to use the one You desire. The names of the gates are “Göksel Kapı” (celestial) and “Yeraltı Kapısı” (terrestrial). You will see what You need at the gates when you arrive there. There are no certain rules or conditions to get in and out, but it may be better kindly to open your inner communication if You wish.

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*** Attention: This is a fictitious story composed of artwork series. Works, names, characters, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the artist’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual countries, states, belief systems, persons (living or dead), products, actual events and any production is purely coincidental. The artist advice the audience to take full responsibility of this fictitious journey for their safety and know their limits. Before to start this journey, be sure that your physical, spiritual and mind health is well maintained, and do not take risks beyond your level of experience, aptitude, and comfort level. Parental guide is necessary.

Additionally, the story does not belong to any -ist, -ism, -logy, -ing and (with all the respect) belief systems and any institutions and not intended for perception management. For the neutrality/objectivity, the first approach will be to stay in the same distance/closeness to them.
The science and wisdom will be essential grounds, though, to appeal sentiences and personal experiences may be necessary where aforementioned are limited or not sufficient. Needless to say that the whole work is open to any critics.

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