When the Crow Flew away

Masalcı speaks: Once upon a time Afitap Teyze (a lochlander) had been living next to a Moorlander Kenpitin’s Atelier.The Atelier door was knocked three times, which was telling Afitap Teyze (aunt) came; not because of the number of knocking but the way of her style. When He was opening the door, with his crow friend-from Etheria- ‘Bluish’; it was on his shoulder. With a large smile on his face and teasing her, He said: ” Afitap Teyze, good morning, you do not ring the bell again”. She was sharp as usual: “ Don’t talk too much!” while smiling… “ I brought this for you”. He looked at her hand and saw a covered deep dish. When she took off the cover, a glass of steaming milk appeared. “This morning the weather is quite cool. This will make you warm”. Afitap Teyze had a similar color of eyes with Bluish…

She said, “ You will make her fly, right!”. He said “Yes”. The first expression he saw on the internet about crows was “This is a wild animal!”. She was not familiar with the internet but well aware of the natural rules.

Every Wednesday is the day for Bazaar in Orukk. You may think that the whole universe becomes a bazaar. On one of these days while He was wandering through; an instinct had driven him to the left where poultry sellers sited. Within tens of chickens and hatch, He saw a bold head with black feathers on its body. It was a young crow. Kenpitin got closer and asked: “Is this for sale?” An old man said, “if you make it fly take it as a gift”. He took it and ran to the atelier. He named it “Bluish” due to its eyes’ color. He already had an unused dropper for painting at the atelier; gave some water to her (later He hes learned that this may be dangerous, though, He did not face any trouble, perhaps because of Bluish had been grown enough) and immediately found some worms to feed her then flung out to get some food (egg, fruit etc.) while leaving her in the kitchen

When He had come back, He found her as if she was waiting for him. While holding her in his one hand, He gave her water again with a dropper and food. When He returned home in Lochlandia, He made a quick summary to his wife and asked “what do you think about that how I am able to communicate with Bluish ? “, on which neither himself nor Bluish had an idea. Since his wife Mübertintis (Lochlander) had a cat; she was much better than himself to communicate with animals. She said, “Observe her ! ”. This became quite a valuable advice to make progress. By coincidence, the same night there was a documentary film on vultures. The baby vultures were pecking their mothers’ claws when they were hungry. The day after He had observed similar actions of Bluish. She was pecking his foot fingers as if He was her father. After eating some food she was rubbing her beak into his hands. He realised that this means the end of eating.

The same day He had built a home for her. When Kenpitin put her over his shoulder, she enjoyed to be at there and they have started walking around together. Instead of his foot finger, she was pecking his ear when she needed something. They had had past a week together.

On the eighth day, He was sitting in my small hammock at the back yard and she was at her nest. She came to the edge of the nest and after a couple of reluctant forward movements, she tried to fly over to him. He caught her and put her to the nest again. She tried again and again with better results. With a wrong perception, He was thinking that birds fly by nature. With Bluish, He has figured out that they learn it.

On the ninth day, she flew higher. On the tenth, when the time was to be on the brink of sunset; she flew higher to the fence at the top. She was staying there like she was to make a decision. Kenpitin said, “ Are you leaving?” She looked at him like bidding a farewell and went to the tree at a neighbours’ garden and started crawing. Then suddenly two adult crows appeared. The evening had almost come. Sky was becoming grey and within the depths of emptiness He saw three crows flying together; two adult in front and Bluish in the back with a clumsy style. He watched them until they got lost from sight and Bluish had gone…

Kenpitin sat down on the ground in mixed feelings and leant his back against the wall while there was violin music in the background…

Then, He went up to the studio and grabbed an MDF plate; picked up some oil boxes; and started dripping as it came. When it was finished, He stopped. The day after when He looked at the painting, by being aware of that there is not such thing in abstract; it came to him that He saw a baby crow at the middle bottom, a man in a hammock at the right bottom corner and a profile of a man with eyeglasses to the right and silent melodies of violin. He could not see Afitap Teyze in the painting but He will always keep her in his memory.

Whenever a crow flies over himself by crawing; makes him think that the possibility of her being Bluish, reminding him that Afitap Teyze not knocking his door anymore. Afitap Teyze and Bluish not only have the similar color of eyes but are both rich and pureharted as well…

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