Lillies Blossomed

Masalcı speaks: Lillies are very peculiar flowers. They are silent, calm, resolute and always green regardless of the season. They can live alone or as a group by being very close to each other without bothering other plants and themselves; therefore they can be considered easy individuals to get along with. They increase their numbers without being noticed. You may realize as a surprise that they suddenly become in more numbers than when you left. They have miraculous flowers in different colors. At a distance you may have the feeling that they are very delicate and in fact they look so, but they are invulnerable and durable. Perhaps most importantly Lillies have a stand as something like they have a character. Today (22 March 2020) a couple of them blossomed. While the world is unfortunately suffering from Corona (wish to overcome soon for all with less number of losses) these days; the white flowers are like pioneers of upcoming spring hopes; disseminating the energy of wishful goodness…

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